Dren Abazi & Zig Zag Orchestra is a famous band from Prishtina, lead by the famous kosovar singer and composer, Dren Abazi. Each member of the orchestra is an experienced musician, involved in various bands and musical projects in Kosovo and abroad.

The orchestra performs unique music,characterized by catchy balkanic rhythms, energetic character found in rock music, beautiful melodies selected from the rich Albanian ethno music pool,also enriched with the elements, of Klezmer, Jazz and Ska.

Zig Zag Orchestra is a firm beliver that music connects people, and is dedicated to promoting tolerance and cultural diversity through art and music.

The orchestra composes and performs music that knows no boundaries, nationality or religion!


Bojken Lako is considered as one of the most influential rock musicians in Albania. As he comeback performing with new members with the same strong voice and a great ethno-rock music.


Conquering Lion is dub/reggae/hardcore band from Tetovo (Macedonia) who started his opus in April 2007. In October 2009 the band release his first album (LP) simply titled as “I” for PMG Recordings on which you can hear 10 songs including the collaboration with the Jamaican artist Jah Clarity on the song “Jah Love”. Until now, besides the performances through Macedonia, the band has performed in Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Kosovo.

The second album was released on 26th of August 2011 and after that the band toured the Balkan from 1st to 25th of September.

Until now Conquering Lion has performed with some bigger names in the reggae scene like Gentleman, Ras Zacharri, Donald Minott, Hornsman Coyote… At the moment the band is working on the upcoming third album and a video for the song “Fire” which came out as a single from the second album.


The Glasses are a four-piece Indie Rock band from Prishtina, the band consists of Flamur Xhiku on lead vocals and guitar, Asdren Jonuzi on guitar, Zgjim Elshani on bass and Pajazit Dërmaku on drums.

Formed by the end of the year 2007 the band began rehearsing in dark cold garages and any places they could find for some rock ‘n’ roll, “and even if we got kicked out from a garage we tried not to give up and looked for another location”. Their first gig was in a Red Cross Youth party on 04.01.2008, and after that invaded the whole city with their performances in many venues around Kosova and even in the region. Many people are describing them as the most exciting new band.