How To Arrive


There is more to BunkerFest than a warm summer’s night in a field of Bunkers with people raving to awesome music. BunkerFest will have activities in the day, from film screenings to sports, and a mini flea market to collect some locally hand made products/food.



Center -> “Dajti Ekpres” Cable Car -> former Workers Camp, at Dajti Mountain

From the center, near the Et’hem Beu mosque, you can take one of the bus lines:

  • “Center – Porcelan” line
  • “Center – KinoStudio” line
  • “Center – Linzë” line

Follow the “Dajti Ekspres” Cable Car signs to walk till the cable car station (abt. 350m) or look for the free “Dajti Ekspres” Cable Car minivans that will take you there.


Car cable ticket to Bunkerfest and return 500 Lekë.



Please pay careful attention!!!

14 September 2013
Opens: 9:00AM  – Closes: 11:00PM

15 September 2013
Opens: 5:00AM