Picture a field in the lush Albania countryside, trees, green grass, bunkers covered with wild vegetation and a place where anyone in the World can gather to listen to underground Rock music, folk music, and DJs from around East Europe. This is precisely what Bunkerfest is about, “showcasing good musical talent (rock music, folk music, and DJs), engaging people from a range of backgrounds and inspiring creativity and social cohesion”. As a team of volunteers we have enjoyed bringing together people from around the Balkans to Bunkerfest, where not only have we captured their musical attention but sparked people toward thinking about our past and the value in protecting and nurturing our environment for a more creative and socially rich future.

As you read this message bunkers around Albania are largely disused, decaying or left ignored. Only a few people, mainly those with a creative mind, are reusing Bunkers in a positive way. Moments of inspiration can be seen when walking by a bunker converted in to a tattoo parlor, a hotel room, a restaurant, a chicken pen, a canvass for street art, or enven a festival site. There is a small but growing movement in Albania to celebrate these adorable concrete mushrooms. With this in mind… BunkerFest’s motto is “spread the love”, we love our concrete mushrooms and this festival is dedicated to them.

We look forward to seeing you in the bunker field for one Bunker-weekend!